We create opportunities that other people don’t see.

The world is changing – you can manage
that change, or grow from it.

The rate of change has never been faster, and it’s no longer enough to build look-a-like products or a better user interface. Businesses need to fundamentally rethink how they compete in the long term – which is why we’re here to build truly disruptive products and services that change the status quo.

We worked with Vodacom to re-imagine their marketing workflows and Future of Work, enabling an ecosystem between suppliers and clients.

We helped Susu create a healthcare service for the West African diaspora that provided care for the ill and uninsured elderly by leveraging the power of family.

We partnered with Smollan to develop a sustainable business idea that would have a positive environmental and social impact on the informal market.

We worked with Smollan’s internal innovation team to create Smartfill: a next-gen smart dispenser that provides brands and retailers access to never-before-seen data and a seamless package-less experience.

We partnered with Millhouse and Smartfill to create Project Endgame, designed to help bring improved nutrition to school-going kids across the continent in a way that is scalable, traceable, and transparent.