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dY/dX partner, Nevo Hadas, spoke on SABC News about the 4IR

For many, the process of digitisation evokes fear. Research from the World Economic Forum shows that one-third of all current jobs could be lost to automation in just a few years. While employees fear for their jobs and livelihoods, employers are concerned about the resources needed to implement the coming change and upskill their workforce. The good news is that as the adoption and integration of technology rapidly accelerates into all aspects of life, new sectors, industries and career paths are emerging. As companies undergo digital transformation processes to meet these opportunities, there needs to be an upskilling revolution – not only to improve digital competencies but also to improve human interaction skills, which will become critical for the jobs of the future.

In this interview on SABC News, Nevo Hadas, partner at dY/dX, unpacks how we can harness digital technology to expand our careers and our businesses, and why the future is more exciting than scary.