Me We Us

Me We Us

Make remote working, work for your team.

The future of work may have arrived quicker than you had planned. Even though some businesses have remote working policies, leading an entirely remote team introduces new challenges. That is why we created remote working tools.

You don’t have non-verbal cues to help you communicate effectively, trust and collaboration suffer when workers are siloed. And sometimes, it’s hard to tell if employees are tasked with too little—or too much.

Despite these challenges, virtual teams are here to stay.

This book is designed to make the first steps of remote teamwork easy!

It’s structured around a model of Me, We, and Us:

  1. ME. Mastering Self: organising your workspace and headspace for optimum remote performance.
  2. WE. Mastering Remote Social Interaction: learning to communicate effectively within a remote team.
  3. US. Mastering Teamwork & Managing Distributed Teams: using the “Remote Team Agreement” and “Meeting Formulas” to unlock your team’s remote working potential.
  4. We provide you with a toolkit of practical templates that you can use to improve your team’s remote working capabilities.


It’s not as simple as being remote-ready or not, and there’s a chance your team is not as effective remotely as it should be. Companies go through various stages on route to remote working effectiveness and our self-assessment measures what stage your team is at.

Take the 10-minute assessment to gain:

  • A snapshot of your team’s remote capabilities
  • A benchmark for your team’s remote working capability
  • Highlighted areas at risk


Remote working is a component of digital transformation and critical for the Future of Work. Me.We.Us is a good first step with easy lessonsbut for a team to make a significant step-change, a facilitated experiential process is needed.


As a digital transformation consultancy, we’re digital-first and have worked remotely since 2015. Over that time we have made many mistakes (which we hope you can avoid) and many successes (which we hope inspire you) in how to work more effectively in a new way. 

By sharing the insights and tools gathered through years of working with professionals and businesses across Europe, India and Africa, we hope to make change a lot less overwhelming for you and your teams.

A big part of what we believe in at DYDX is the future of work does not have to look like the past. We want to create better work environments that allow teams to thrive from anywhere. We invite you to join us in this aspiration, to make the future of work better, more exciting than the past.

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