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Cape Town Creative Academy, in partnership with DYDX (formerly &Innovation), is launching a new short course that will equip professionals, both in the private and public sector, with the knowledge and tools to facilitate and lead service (re)design, to improve customer and employee experiences. The course will be presented in Cape Town on Tuesday evenings over 9 weeks, with two Saturday workshops.

“Service design is booming globally as a highly sought-after skill. Service designers are critical for organizations to digitize by enabling different teams to work together to solve relevant customer problems. Service design is not pretty pictures but rather how we create new service experiences that delight customers and reduce operational cost. It requires creativity but not limited to being a creative” said DYDX managing partner, Nevo Hadas. He explains that the course includes two practical research projects that participants can choose from, one focussed on fintech and financial services and the other on public sector services. These practical, hands-on learning experiences will help integrate the theory into functional examples.

“This outstanding short learning programme is, again, proof of CTCA’s commitment to offering the latest in high-quality content, in partnership with the best-in-class industry leaders, such as DYDX”, said Francisca Gebert, chief executive officer of the Cape Town Creative Academy.

The Practical Service Design short course is aimed at professionals leading change and innovation within organisations or working to improve customer and employee experience – both in the private and public sector. Participants will gain the knowledge and confidence to apply service design methods and practices to further their career. This nine-week course starts on 8 October and will cost R14,999. The deadline for applications is on 4 October. For more information or to apply, visit