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Practical Service Design – first of its kind short course for Cape Town Creative Academy and DYDX

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Cape Town Creative Academy, in partnership with DYDX (formerly &Innovation), is launching a new short course that will equip professionals, both in the private and public sector, with the knowledge and tools to facilitate and lead service (re)design, to improve customer and employee experiences. The course will be presented in Cape Town on Tuesday evenings over 9 weeks, with two Saturday workshops.

“Service design is booming globally as a highly sought-after skill. Service designers are critical for organizations to digitize by enabling different teams to work together to solve relevant customer problems. Service design is not pretty pictures but rather how we create new service experiences that delight customers and reduce operational cost. It requires creativity but not limited to being a creative” said DYDX managing partner, Nevo Hadas. He explains that the course includes two practical research projects that participants can choose from, one focussed on fintech and financial services and the other on public sector services. These practical, hands-on learning experiences will help integrate the theory into functional examples.

“This outstanding short learning programme is, again, proof of CTCA’s commitment to offering the latest in high-quality content, in partnership with the best-in-class industry leaders, such as DYDX”, said Francisca Gebert, chief executive officer of the Cape Town Creative Academy.

The Practical Service Design short course is aimed at professionals leading change and innovation within organisations or working to improve customer and employee experience – both in the private and public sector. Participants will gain the knowledge and confidence to apply service design methods and practices to further their career. This nine-week course starts on 8 October and will cost R14,999. The deadline for applications is on 4 October. For more information or to apply, visit

DYDX moves Susu from concept to customer within 18 months

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Rapid innovation in healthcare.

DYDX, a digital transformation practice based in Cape Town, partnered with Beninese-French visionary Ms Bola Bardet to create and launch Susu Healthcare. This first-of-its-kind full-service digital healthcare company was taken from concept to launch in less than 18 months with the help of the experts at DYDX.

Susu, that recently won the Sanofi in Africa Health Challenge at the Vivatech 2019 Conference in Paris, provides a combination of insurance coverage and medical services to the families of the African diaspora in Europe.

“DYDX used a service design process to develop Susu’s products and services,” said Nevo Hadas, managing partner at DYDX. “We focused on the different needs of the customer in Europe and the beneficiary in West Africa to design a system that delivers on both.”

Rolling out in Abidjan, the economic capital of Ivory Coast, Susu is meeting a real need for the Ivorian community living in France. “The African diaspora takes pride in providing financial support to their families left in their home countries, predominantly ageing parents and those with chronic diseases,” explained Bola Bardet, Susu’s founder and chief executive “Money sent back to Africa for healthcare amounts to US$8 billion per year, yet quality healthcare, medication, and insurance is still unavailable in many African countries.”

With this problem in mind, Bardet approached DYDX (then &Innovation), to support her to understand this problem better and co-design a solution.

“Susu healthcare is a game-changer in the world of healthcare services and health insurance,” Hadas concluded. “We built a cutting-edge digital platform to enhance all its operations and customer experience, but this is just the enabler. Its strength isn’t in superior artificial intelligence or crypto currency, but in its dedicated focus on the markets and people that insurance companies ignore or overcharge.”

&Innovation evolves into DYDX

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Transforming for the future.

&Innovation, a globally recognised product and service design firm, is repositioning under the new name DYDX.

“The term ‘innovation’ has become a buzzword and most importantly, people confuse innovation with ideas – which are really only 10% of any project” says Nevo Hadas, Managing Partner at the Cape Town-based practice. “While we help our clients create new shareholder value, our practise’s strength is fundamentally rooted in change – helping businesses thrive in the new digital market. This is why DYDX was chosen, from the mathematical formula for calculating change.”

Rebranding to DYDX signifies a change in pace of growth, as they expand the global team of consultants and clients with three core offerings: Product and Service Design; Culture and Future of Work; and Digital Sales Optimisation. The practices help clients with digital transformation, both to gain new clients and revenue models, and to improve internal ways of working.

Founded in 2014 by Nevo Hadas and later joined by Geoff Cohen and Templar Wales, the business expanded rapidly to work with global and South African clients such as Vodacom, Woolworths, Travelex, Old Mutual, Pam Golding Properties, Honoris United Universities, Daily Mail, Ericsson, Sage, Visa, Smollan, Spice, Phillip Morris, MTN, Uber and many others.

“Over the past five years we have been fortunate enough to partner with clients on large projects through word of mouth, but mostly stayed under the radar,” Hadas concluded. “now we’re looking to accelerate our growth into Europe and across the African continent.”