Video: DYDX Partner Nevo Hadas on – Design Thinking for Business

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What is Design Thinking?

DYDX partner Nevo Hadas breaks down what Design Thinking is and isn’t, how it works and how it could help organisations solve complex problems.

This talk was hosted at Red & Yellow’s Breakfast Session initiative, and designed to help educate businesses on design thinking approaches and help them figure out ways they can innovate and grow.

Nevo discusses what creativity actually is, the processes surrounding success (and failure), and shares a number of lessons around Design Thinking.


Nevo Hadas led the development of “The Culture Canvas”, an open-source framework that makes work culture actionable for businesses to shape their team’s behaviours. The latest ebook on managing remote teams, “” is available as a free download and a 10-minute “Remote Team Maturity” assessment, designed to help companies measure the effectiveness of their remote teams.

DYDX and Creative Academy Offer Practical Service Design Course

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At DYDX, we busy ourselves with the digital transformation of businesses. But we also take a direct interest in the education and training of new voices within that process of transformation.

We’ve co-developed a Service Design course with Creative Academy in Cape Town. We designed it with an eye to help participants improve efficiency, products, services, customer experience and profits.  They will also come to better understand and apply Design Thinking to actively engage roleplayers to reach practical solutions. Ultimately, this is about developing an advantage in the new world of business.

Who should participate in this Service Design Course?

If you are a business owner or work in UX and product development, or if you want to foster a different way of working within your organisation, this course offers excellent practical value.

The course runs from 11 February 2020. It is designed for anyone who wants to expose themselves to the fundamentals of Service Design in practice – from design practitioners to business owners and professionals in both the private and public sector.

Duration: 9 Weeks
Application deadline: 7 February 2020
More information and registration: